Friday, 22 August 2014 excited about Doctor Who!!

Hiya Darlings!
I'm so excited about Doctor Who being back on our screens tomorrow. I wish I could watch it on my television but sadly it's no longer working since the last thunderstorm. Thank goodness I currently have the internet working so I can watch it on Iplayer - yay!
In anticipation of the new series, I shall be watching some of the "classic" Doctor Who stories. Which ones would you choose?

Sunday, 3 August 2014

...picture of cross stitch hopefully

my WIP

my WIP - hope this shows up, I've copy/pasted it from my facebook account. It's going to be annoying if that's the way I have to post pictures but at least it'll be do-able.

Friday, 1 August 2014

...had forgotten about this blog!

Hello Darlings!
I forgot I had a blog for quite a while so please forgive the total lack of posts for almost a year - oops!

Anyway, provided my computer will continue working (it's a bit hit and miss at the moment and can't afford a new one), I'll try to get into the habit of blogging. I doubt anyone reads this blog, as it's been left for so long but it'll be a good exercise for me as least.

As a quick catch up:
My current reading book is Trial by Fire by Sabine C. Bauer

My current craft project is a cross stitch picture. Grrr it doesn't seem to want to let me show you my WIP!! This may take some getting used to again, sorry. The picture is a Bothy Threads kit of the Gorguss brand called The Collector.

Can't think of much else to update you with blogwise. I have got a new camera but couldn't upload the photo's when trying to add them to this post so if anyone has any tips on this please feel free to share them with me :) The files are jpeg and not had a problem with uploading photos from camera's before. Kinda makes having the camera for blogging pointless if I can't use it...
best go for now cheerio xxx

Friday, 22 February 2013

Hello Darlings!
I am still around and vaguely sticking to my resolutions.
I've completed one make, have one near completion and another two on the go.
Reading wise I've read five books so far and in-between books I'm reading Philip Pullman's retelling of the Grimm's tales.

I've been clearing out some of my stuff, using some of my stash materials and trying a few crafty things I haven't done for several years.  The crafty things (for those of you interested) are mostly embroidery type like blackwork and assisi. Sadly they aren't finished yet to show you all but I do have a home knitted washcloth.
Not terribly exciting I know but it's useful. I've made something for mother's day as well but I can't show you that until afterwards.
Sewing has taken a backseat at the moment as for some reason I can't seem to get enthusiastic about it. I've tried to make a quick skirt and whilst it should only have taken me a few hours, it's been hanging around for weeks.
Kwik Sew 2619 - Misses' Skirts & Tops(picture from
 It's the Kwik Sew pattern 2619 - it's one pattern piece, two seams, hem and elastic waist - so why's it taking me so long?!  I think I've lost my sewing mojo *sigh* Hopefully I'll find it again soon.
In the meantime I have lots of other things to keep me occupied so all is not lost. How are you're new years resolutions going?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Hi Darlings!
How's your new year going?
Mine's going okay so far, I have a few crafting plans and have started reading my first book of the year.

I don't usually read modern crime fiction, partly because they seem too close to what could happen in real life and partly because they seem to always be sexual, maybe I was unlucky in my choices. This means I normally stick to Agatha Christie and the like.
I've wanted to read Mark Billingham's work for a while now so I thought I'd take the plunge at last.  So far (I'm only up to chapter three) I like the quirky humour, the pacing and the writing style so yay!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

...makes resolutions...

Hi Darlings!
I hope you all had a good holiday season. 
January is typically the time for new plans and ideas.  I have plans for 2013 but no promises I'm not going to change them as the year progresses!
I know I'm one of those people who needs smaller goals to accomplish mixed in with larger long term goals and I'm hoping that this year - barring any sudden changes - I will complete most of my plans.
I've shortened them into bullet points as best I can so here goes:
  • Read 20 books
  • Complete some UFOs
  • Refresh some of my old skills
  • Move home
  • Get a camera to better blog my makes
  • Cross stitch a set of coasters
  • Get rid of the things I don't use
  • Organise my space better
  • Loose weight (hey I'm female!)
  • Start a "One Homemade Ornament for the Tree" per year tradition
  • Have at least 12 makes by the end of the year
  • Visit somewhere new
  • Learn a new skill (I'm thinking something DIY at the moment)
  • Use up some of my stash
  • Meditate

Some of these bullet points need to be broken down into plans of action, which is something I've done, but you get the idea. There are some major life changing plans, some on-going ones and some smaller ones that I should be able to make a start on so fingers crossed that this time next year I'll have ticked quite a few off my list. What are your plans for the year? I'd love to hear them.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

So the is Christmas...

Hello Darlings!
Well what a year it's been! Olympics and Jubilee to name but two!
 I notice that quite a lot of the blogs I follow are doing a round up of their creative output this year and seeing what lessons they can glean from their year's crafting. It's interesting and inspirational to see the year's progress gathered together in one reflective post. I think it's a fantastic way to end the year and help make resolutions for the next.
For me the vast majority of the year was spent trying to deal with the fall out from last winter. It's something I've tried to keep out of the blog but is partly responsible for the long periods of absence here as well as the lack of creative output. I have also had several technical problems over the year but am extremely grateful not to have been hit by any of the major disasters that have occurred (such as large areas of the UK being flooded so badly homes were lost).
I would consider myself to be one of the lucky ones but still - like most of us - I need to learn to be happy with my lot and with my self.
 Part of the reason I have few finished garments is because I'm uncomfortable wearing my work in front of other people. I know it's silly, but I always feel embarrassed, even though I tell myself no one really notices and they're not laughing at me behind my back. This feeling of paranoia I have has been made worse this year by certain events. I hope to change my situation though so that by this time next year I too can part-take in the festive round up of the years makes.

For those interested in my tiny output this year it is as follows:
Two scarves and one t-shirt knitted, one sleeveless top (sorbetto) and pj shorts sewn.

I have loads of UFOs from this year and several "binned" projects due to lack of concentration. I'm hoping to finish a few of the UFOs next year and am looking at maybe trying a few short household projects to cheer the place up a bit.
As usual I have lots of ideas for my New Year's Resolution list but that's for another post...
Hope you all enjoy a fun filled Christmas and New Year!